Dillian Whyte received a majority decision over Jermaine Franklin

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Dillian Whyte received a majority decision over Jermaine Franklin

After seven months and a loss to Tyson Fury, Dillian Whyte boxed tonight against Jermaine Franklin, and he barely won after 12 rounds. Both men opened the first round with straights, and it was Dillian who dictated the pace.

From the back foot, Franklin hit a few hooks and straights that did not threaten Whyte. He worked Dillian in the body and lifted him in the head, especially in counters. Franklin's cross found the target in the last minute of the first round, but Dillian did not feel it more seriously.

We saw a similar action in the second round, and at the beginning of it, Dillian sits at the wheel again and dictates the pace of the fight. He tried to work to the body, but this time Franklin was ready for it and looked for his opportunities on the counter.

Whyte's body shots began to land more often, and Franklin was brought to the ropes. At the end of the round, Dillian hits Franklin well with a right straight, who also starts working to the body. Dillian continued to implement his plan and Franklin was forced to fight on the back foot, but he still hit Dillian well.

Dillian hit Franklin with a left hook and further deflated the American with a kick to the body. He continued to hit Franklin with a left hook, to which Dillian would return with a hook to the body.

Dillian Whyte won by majority decision

Dillian's tactics were clear; press against the ropes and work to the body.

In the fourth round, he started with the same plan, and the blows to the body of Franklin became more and more powerful. Franklin was seen looking for those single shots that would potentially threaten Dillian, and with a good uppercut, Dillian gave Jermaine a good warning.

In the fifth and sixth rounds, we watched the same action, and Dillian was aware that Franklin couldn't do anything to him, and he himself was getting in the distance and forcing him into the corner, and the fight started to look more like sparring than a fight.

Dillian was hitting, but at the end of the round, he returned several strong shots, and Franklin started to wake up and put up more and more resistance. Dillian slowed down in the eighth round as Franlin continued to land shots to the head and body despite being mostly on the ropes throughout.

Whyte listened to the advice from the corner and controlled Franklin with front straights in the ninth round as well, although Franklin's individual shots found the target very well. Dillian was in trouble at the end of the ninth round after Franklin's great run.

The fight became a bit more open in the last three rounds, but both men were visibly tired. Whyte continued to work with straights and body shots, while Franklin stuck to single shots and counters. Franklin pressed the gas in the last round, and in the last 40 seconds they engaged in heavy exchanges where Dillian was slightly better.

In the last few seconds, Franklin was barely able to stay on his feet after Whyte's punches, but the bell saved him. Dillian Whyte won by majority decision (116-112 x2, 115-115), and after the fight Franklin declared that he was robbed.