Confident Derek Chisora believes that he beat Oleksandr Usyk

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Confident Derek Chisora believes that he beat Oleksandr Usyk

Oleksandr Usyk (20-0) had a great career in the "cruiser" category (-90.72 kg). The Ukrainian did 16 matches in that weight category, he united all the relevant world titles. In 2019, Usyk decided to move to the heavyweight division and defeated Chazz Witherspoon by stoppage in the seventh round.

After that, there was a match against Derek Chisora, which was supposed to serve as a real heavyweight test for Usyk. It was not an easy match for the Ukrainian, but in the end, Usyk won by unanimous decision of the judges, and after that, he also defeated Anthony Joshua for the world title.

Derek Chisora will fight Tyson Fury this weekend, and it will be his third fight against Fury. Fury celebrated in the first two appearances and almost no one understands why Chisora was selected, but Derek will have the opportunity to win the WBC world heavyweight title on Saturday night.

Tyson Fury in some of his interviews justified the choice of Chisora as an opponent by stating that in his opinion Chisora defeated Usyk in a head-to-head fight. The judges scored the match 115-113, 115-113, and 117-112 in favor of Usyk, but Chisora also believes that he deserved the victory.

Chisora stated that he truly believes he deserved to win that match

“Let’s all be honest – on the Usyk fight, I was winning,” Chisora said (via BoxingScene). “I won that fight. I knocked him down, they didn’t give it to me.

You know, this is a problem. You know, and I just hope for this fight on December 3rd that it will be fair judging and a fair ref. You know, because there’s so much going on in this camp for me, you know, I don’t want people to be biased.

I just want people to come in with an open mind and be fair. You know, because I know for a fact I’m not coming to lay down. And he’s not coming to lay down, so we just want it to be – I just want it to be fair, basically”.

When it comes to the knockdown that Chisora mentions, it's a fourth-round situation where Usyk ended up on the ground, but it looks like he tripped over Chisora's foot.