Tyson Fury beats Chisora to defend his championship


Tyson Fury beats Chisora to defend his championship
Tyson Fury beats Chisora to defend his championship

The fight is over! Tyson Fury successfully defended his championship belt against Derek Chisora. After nine rounds of the war, very dynamic but also one-sided, in the 10th round the referee stopped the fight. Chisora did not surrender, but the judge still chose what was best for his health.

Derek Chisora definitely lived up to expectations; he gave an exciting fight, he was the aggressor, he went forward the whole time, he did everything he normally does in his fights. As his nickname says, he gave real war in the ring.

He didn't give up, he didn't show respect to his opponent, but in the end the referee still decided that it was enough. What was seen was a big difference in quality, similar to the first two meetings between them. While Fury was quick on his feet, had great movements, combined quick and precise series of punches, Chisora showed something quite the opposite.

Derek was much slower, mostly throwing wide hooks and not very well able to dodge Fury's punches. Although in previous fights we used to see Chisora countering brilliantly, Fury didn't get away with it. Most of Chisora's punches either ended up being blocked or would fly past Fury's head.

Although we did not see a technically good match from both sides, we definitely saw a dynamic and competitive match. After the fight, Fury acted as if retirement was not on his mind, and went face-to-face with champion Oleksandr Usyk and then future title contender Joe Joyce.


"Usyk, you're next, you 15-stone little bodybuilding midget. I've done one Ukrainian, (Wladimir) Klitschko, let's get it on," Fury told BT Sport. Usyk remained silent, with Chisora adding: "Thank you Tyson, I really appreciate that. We are friends. "There's a big fight coming, everyone wants to see one champion in the heavyweight division."

Tyson Fury

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