(WATCH) Tyson Fury confronts Oleksandr Usyk after his win over Chisora

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(WATCH) Tyson Fury confronts Oleksandr Usyk after his win over Chisora

With great performance, Tyson Fury stopped Derek Chisora in the tenth round of the fight for the WBC world heavyweight title. As expected, Derek Chisora proved to be an absolutely inadequate opponent and Fury dominated from the first to the last second of the fight.

There is no doubt that Fury will face criticism for choosing an opponent who is absolutely not suited to him at this stage of his career. Oleksandr Usyk is the boxer that everyone wants as Tyson Fury's next opponent, and the great Ukrainian watched the fight live.

Tyson Fury immediately after the victory called Usyk, the Ukrainian climbed up to the ring, and Fury got into Oleksandr Usyk's face with a microphone in his hand and did not stop with name-calling and insults against Oleksandr Usyk.

“Fifteen-stone little midget beat a bodybuilder. well I’m not a bodybuilder. I’ve already done one Ukrainian Klitschko and I’ll do you too gappy teeth. You ugly little man. Let’s get it on. You may laugh, but I will end you, you little s*cker.

What are you going to do? You’re going to do nothing”. Usyk looked at Fury calmly and coolly the whole time, not saying a single word. Usyk didn't seem the least bit intimidated by the "fiery" Fury. During Tyson's verbal attacks on Usyk, Joe Joyce, WBO's interim heavyweight champion, suddenly appeared next to Usyk.

Joyce showed his desire to get involved in these combinations, and Fury welcomed him with enthusiasm. "I'm saying Joe Joyce, a brilliant fighter, he deserves a title fight," Fury said. "If the rabbit (Usyk) doesn't fight, we'll fight at Wembley." Joyce added: "I'll take either.

Like Fury was saying, if not Usyk then me."

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While Fury was addressing Joyce, Usyk at times seemed a bit neglected and disinterested, even talking on his cell phone at one point (if he wasn't pretending someone was calling him).

After Usyk and Joyce, Fury returned to the middle of the ring to make an additional statement. "Gypsy King" marked Joyce as a tougher opponent than Usyk because he believes that "Juggernaut" is a tougher fighter. Fury admitted that Usyk has better skills than Joyce, but Joyce seems like an overall more dangerous opponent.

Interesting days await us in the heavyweight division, but there remains hope that we will not hear that "hills shook, a mouse was born", or Fury's potential matches with Usyka and Joyce were shaken, and the fourth fight against Chisora or Wilder was born.

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