Derek Chisora says he has no intention of retiring: 'Now I want to more fights!'

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 Derek Chisora says he has no intention of retiring: 'Now I want to more fights!'

Last Saturday, Tyson Fury and Derek Chisora boxed for the third time, and this current match did not go any differently than the first two. After total dominance by Fury, the referee saw enough in the tenth round and stopped the fight.

Even though he wasn't knocked down, Chisora looked pretty bad, so the right decision was made and the fight was stopped. From the beginning, great criticism was leveled at both of them; Fury because, in addition to all the relevant heavyweights, he chose to fight against the slow and spent Chisora, and Chisora is fighting even more because even on Saturday it was obvious that he is no longer a boxer who would threaten anyone from the top.

Chisora has no intention of stopping just yet.

“The ref was right, I was not doing much. Fighters never want to stop but that’s why the refs are there because we have to go home to our kids," Chisora said. “It was fun, I did enjoy it.

I’m not retiring yet. f--- that sh!t. I want to go on the road now for more fights”. Later, Fury was also asked if it was time for Chisora to finally hang up his gloves: “I can’t speak for any other man, I can’t make decisions for him.

Derek will have to make his own decisions, but he’s been in this game long enough and he will make the best decisions for him and his family," Fury said. “For me, I’d love to see him retire but still stay in the sport because he’s a legend in British boxing, he’s like a folk hero”.

Whether Chisora will retire or continue to fight, we will find out in the coming period. After the fight, Fury acted as if retirement was not on his mind, and went face-to-face with champion Oleksandr Usyk and then future title contender Joe Joyce.

'LET'S GET IT ON' "Usyk, you're next, you 15-stone little bodybuilding midget. I've done one Ukrainian, (Wladimir) Klitschko, let's get it on," Fury told BT Sport. Usyk remained silent, with Chisora adding: "Thank you Tyson, I really appreciate that.

We are friends. "There's a big fight coming, everyone wants to see one champion in the heavyweight division."

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