Derek Chisora spoke about his 'potential' retirement!

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Derek Chisora spoke about his 'potential' retirement!

In the third boxing match between Tyson Fury and Derek Chisora, which took place last Saturday, things did not go any differently from their previous two contests. The referee was forced to stop the fight after Fury had completely controlled the fight for the majority of the tenth round.

Although he was not knocked down, Chisora looked pretty bad, so the correct decision was made and the fight was stopped. It has been a huge criticism that both of them have been receiving from the beginning; Fury, in addition to being a heavyweight, decided that he would fight against the slow and exhausted Chisora, while Chisora fights more because it is evident that even on Saturday he is no longer a boxer who could threaten anyone in his class.

The good news is Chisora does not appear to be planning on stopping anytime soon. "The referee was right, I didn't do anything. Fighters never want to stop and that's why there are referees, because we have kids to come back to later.

It was fun and I enjoyed it, but I won't retire just yet. Is that! Now I want to do more fights,'' Chisora said. "No not yet, not yet. F*** that s***. I'm gonna take time out, chill, relax and see how I feel I'm not going out like this.

I want to go on the road now for more fights. We will see I don't know yet. I enjoyed it."

Fury's reaction

Fury was talking about whether Chisora will retire and what his plans are. However, Fury believes that he is not the right person to talk about this, considering that Chisora has certain plans for himself that he respects.

"I cannot speak for anyone, I cannot make decisions for him. Derek will have to make decisions for himself, but he has been in this for a very long time and he will make the best decision for himself and his family. I would like him to retire but stay in the sport because he is a legend of British boxing,'' said Fury.

As we approach the end of the year, we will be able to determine whether Chisora will be retiring or continuing to fight.