Roberto Garcia Advises Anthony Joshua To Change Training Camps And Leave Comfort Zone


Roberto Garcia Advises Anthony Joshua To Change Training Camps And Leave Comfort Zone

For many years, Anthony Joshua trained under Robert McCracken, but earlier this year, AJ decided to end that collaboration and look for a new trainer. A convincing loss to Oleksandr Usyk in the ninth month of last year made him think about changes, and many felt that Joshua really needed a refresher and a new team.

The selection fell on Roberto Garcia, a former professional boxer (34-3-0) and former IBF world champion in the category of up to 58.5 kilograms. During his coaching career, Garcia managed boxers such as Nonito Donaire, Marcos Maidana, Victor Ortiz, etc.

Garcia suggests moving to the USA and choosing a gym where he will be surrounded by elite fighters who will look up to him, as this will give him additional motivation to train even harder.

AJ should leave his comfort zone

"My personal advice and I told him and all of his team right before I left, the next day … It doesn’t matter who it is, it doesn’t matter if it’s me again, he needs to change his camps around, he needs to go to the United States, he needs to train in the gym … with young guys who are looking up to you.

And you cannot say today I don’t want to spar because I’m tired or I didn’t sleep enough last night so I don’t want to train today.", Garcia began, then continued. “It’s not about Derrick James doing a better job, Virgil Hunter doing a better job, me doing better than his previous trainer – no.

It’s about him getting out of his comfort zone and not being the boss, and doing what he’s told to do in a place where he’s not comfortable. He’s very talented, his power is insane, and he needs to believe in himself”.

Whether Joshua will listen to the advice of this respected coach, we will find out during the next year. Garcia also revealed that Joshua plans to do the match in the third or fourth month, and even if he invites Garcia to his training camp in England, Robert will have a hard time accepting that offer.

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