McGuigan advises Anthony Joshua to stop blaming trainers, focus on self-improvement

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McGuigan advises Anthony Joshua to stop blaming trainers, focus on self-improvement

Anthony Joshua is currently experiencing a difficult period in his professional boxing career. The 33-year-old British boxer has suffered two consecutive losses against Oleksandr Usyk, resulting in the loss of his world titles and causing concern about his mental state.

Additionally, Joshua has gone through a series of coaching changes, recently parting ways with long-time coach Robert McCracken and teaming up with Robert Garcia. However, after another defeat to Usyk, Garcia openly criticized Joshua's shortcomings, which reportedly did not sit well with the boxer.

As a result, Joshua is now reportedly searching for a new coach once again. British boxing coach Shane McGuigan believes that rather than constantly seeking out new trainers, Joshua should focus on addressing his own mistakes and shortcomings.

"The fact is he's been around a few different trainers and that automatically makes you think he is blaming the trainer for not performing. The bottom line is it is with you. You are responsible for your performance. Robert Garcia has an unblemished record, he's incredible, he has produced many world champions and is a great coach," McGuigan told Boxing King Media.

"But if you're not listening to him, you're not taking on board what he is saying then it is hard to implement his tactics. I think Joshua is going through a crisis, he needs to stop questioning himself. He's got to knuckle down and get on with it.

The British trainer gave his opinion on what Joshua needs to change

"And whomever he goes with he has to concentrate on fighting aggressively whether he fights Usyk again or fights Tyson Fury. He has got to be better at coming forward and he's got to be more confident to stand in punching range and move his head and not always bounce back out again but that takes time to learn.

But really, it's a waste of time talking about it. He needs to settle down with someone and get on with it." The year 2023 will be very important for the continuation of Joshua's career. With another defeat, Joshua may end his career.