KSI's Upcoming Opponent, Dillon Danis, Will Not Show Himself In The Match

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KSI's Upcoming Opponent, Dillon Danis, Will Not Show Himself In The Match

In January, Dillon Danis won't be back in action. It has been announced by Danis' upcoming opponent, KSI, which was announced through KSI's management that Danis has withdrawn from their upcoming boxing match scheduled for January 14th at Wembley Arena in London.

KSI's manager, Mams Taylor, blamed Danis for the withdrawal, stating that Danis' team had informed him that the Bellator fighter was having a number of issues that forced him to pull out of the tournament. “I got a phone call saying Dillon is pulling out of the fight,” Taylor said in a video statement.

“The real reason, from what they said to me, is that he’s underprepared, he has no coach, he might be struggling with weight. For someone who cares about his reputation as much as he does, or what people think of him, I didn’t think that this would be something despite many people saying the opposite, ‘He’s not going to show up to the fight.’ They were right.'

” In an email to MMA Fighting, a public relations officer for Misfits Boxing confirmed that the fight had been canceled as of today.

KSI will fight Faze Temper

KSI has now been announced that he will fight professional player Faze Temperrr on the 14th of January.

The argument between Taylor and Danis regarding alleged rehydration clauses in the match agreement came to a head after Taylor complained to Danis that he had not been responding to his messages. Danis eventually stopped responding to Taylor's messages.

“I mentioned at the press conference that Dillon was being haunted by me,” KSI said. “He made his excuses and knew he couldn’t handle what I bring to a boxing ring. This answers the question whether he’s a fighter or not.

He’s a warrior all right, a keyboard warrior, and hopefully he’s learned to leave the real men to speak with their actions rather than hollow words”. It is claimed that Taylor and his team removed the rehydration clause so that Danis would remain in the fight, but the two sides still were unable to reach an agreement.