Manny Pacquiao signs a contract with RIZIN

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Manny Pacquiao signs a contract with RIZIN

Manny Pacquiao is a man who loves sports and who cannot imagine his life without it. Behind the Filipino is a lot of success. Pacquiao has practically achieved everything in his career. However, he still wants new challenges. Manny still wants to show that he has strength, that he has everything a boxer needs.

What surprised many was the fact that Pacquiao signed a contract with Rizin FF. He was delighted with this move, and he did not forget to praise the atmosphere and the crowd. “There’s great action, there’s great fights in Rizin, and the atmosphere of the crowd is amazing,” Pacquiao said, as quoted by

Although many are wondering if his contract is related to boxing, Pacquiao has confirmed what it is about. “Yes, (the contract is) boxing, one fight, but it’s not the last time,” Pacquiao said.

Manny Pacquiao and MMA fighter: I’m excited and so happy

His second exhibition match is already a topic among many.

We still do not know the name of the opponent, but Pacquiao revealed that it is an MMA fighter. "It’s good to have an exhibition fight last December 11, and I’m excited and so happy,” Pacquiao said. “My opponent is martial art, who doesn’t know about boxing, so that’s why he experienced a hard time in the ring.

Manny is cautious though and believes that his opponent knows his business. It will certainly not be an easy task for him, but experience and quality will surface, we have no doubt about that. Pacquiao is a man who marked an era of boxing and it is safe to say that he is a boxing legend.

“But this next exhibition match here in Japan, this is different because I think probably my opponent is a professional UFC, MMA fighter, so he knows how to punch and of course to cover”.