Oleksandr Usyk Showcases Trim Physique Ahead of Potential Showdown with Tyson Fury

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Oleksandr Usyk Showcases Trim Physique Ahead of Potential Showdown with Tyson Fury

The heavyweight division has always been known as the "royal division" of boxing, and fans eagerly await the moment when the best in the world face off in the ring. This year, we will see that moment come to fruition as Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury prepare to face off in a match that will determine the absolute heavyweight champion of the world.

The last time we saw an absolute heavyweight champion was in 2000, when Lennox Lewis held all the titles.

The Road to the Championship

The road to the championship match between Usyk and Fury has not been without its obstacles.

The IBF had planned to designate Filip Hrgović as the mandatory challenger, which could have caused problems for Usyk. However, this issue was resolved after Usyk defeated the WBA's "Regular" champion, Daniel Dubois.

Dubois holds the WBA (Regular) title, but it is assumed that he will not cause any problems for the match between Usyk and Fury to take place. The fight between the Ukrainian and the British is in the interest of all competent authorities.

While there is still no official confirmation about the match between Fury and Usyk, it is assumed that it will take place in the first quarter of this year. Boxing can hardly offer a bigger match at the moment, at least when it comes to the interest of a wider audience.

It is expected that this fight will attract huge interest, as the heavyweight division has always carried the epithet of the "royal division" and those fans who are a little less keen will always follow the top heavyweights with interest.

The Middleweight vs The Belly

If you ask Tyson Fury, Oleksandr Usyk isn't really a heavyweight. The Ukrainian spent part of his career in the cruiserweight category (-90.7 kg) and then moved to the heavyweight division. Usyk usually weighs about 100 kilograms in his heavyweight matches, while Fury is about 20 kilograms heavier.

Fury often uses the epithet "Middleweight" to disparage Usyk, but the Ukrainian heavyweight doesn't care too much about such comments. "The Middleweight is here!🚀Where are you Belly? @Tyson_Fury?'' Usyk said via Twitter while attaching a photo of himself before (or after) swimming training.

The Ukrainian looks even more "trimmed" than usual and it seems that he does not plan to put on extra pounds for the match against Fury.

After all, why would you do that? Usyk has already proven that he can handle top heavyweights at the weight that suits him best and there is no point in him experimenting against Fury. The match between Usyk and Fury is sure to be one for the ages and will determine the absolute heavyweight champion of the world.

With both fighters at the top of their game and with everything on the line, the stage is set for a historic showdown in the ring.