Malik Scott Says 'Andy Ruiz Presents No Threat To A Disciplined Deontay Wilder'

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Malik Scott Says 'Andy Ruiz Presents No Threat To A Disciplined Deontay Wilder'

Deontay Wilder made a comeback to the ring in October of last year after two consecutive losses to Tyson Fury. Many questioned the continuation of Wilder's career after his defeat by Fury, but Wilder returned after a year's layoff and quickly reminded fans of his punching power.

Robert Helenius Frozen in the First Round

Wilder faced Robert Helenius in his comeback match and "froze" him already in the first round. This win restored Wilder's confidence and has led to speculation that we will see him in some big matches this year.

Andy Ruiz: A Tough and Unpleasant Boxer

Anthony Joshua has expressed interest in a fight with Wilder at the end of the year, but Wilder is more likely to fight Andy Ruiz in his next outing. Ruiz, who is a former world champion, has victories over boxers such as Anthony Joshua and Luis Ortiz and has never been knocked out in his career.

Ruiz is known for engaging in open exchanges and his "Mexican beard" makes him a tough and unpleasant boxer to fight against.

Andy Ruiz Presents No Threat to Wilder

Wilder's trainer Malik Scott, however, believes that Ruiz doesn't stand much of a chance against his boxer. "Andy Ruiz presents absolutely no threat to a disciplined Deontay Wilder," Scott told Casinos En Ligne.

He believes that Ruiz has a problem with disciplined fighters and that Wilder's height and reach advantage will be a major factor in the fight. "I’ve been going over my notes and from film study, I see Andy Ruiz has a problem with disciplined fighters.

The only hope Andy Ruiz has is if you give him an opportunity. But if you stick to a game plan he’s easy to shut down. He’s a good fighter but we all have our loopholes, Andy’s is he can’t beat disciplined fighters.

When AJ fought him the first time he was not as disciplined as when he fought him the second time," Scott continued. "Andy Ruiz is going to come to Deontay and when he does he puts himself at risk. We’re going to make him reach; he has to, we’re taller.

When he reaches he’s going to pay like he’s never paid before. A disciplined, systemized Deontay Wilder has no problem with Andy Ruiz. Does that mean Andy is a bad fighter? Absolutely not. But Deontay with a game plan – high hand up, chin behind the left knee, patience knowing he’s going to have his big moments – it’s a shutout. A painful, scary shutout."