Anthony Joshua's Wants to Face Wilder and Fury in 2023

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Anthony Joshua's Wants to Face Wilder and Fury in 2023

Anthony Joshua, the former world heavyweight champion, finds himself in a challenging position with regards to his boxing career. The recent defeat against Oleksandr Usyk resulted in the loss of his belts, leaving fans anticipating who his next opponent will be.

Opportunities for a Comeback

Eddie Hearn, Joshua's promoter, recently announced that his next fight will be against Jermaine Franklin. While Franklin proved to be a formidable opponent in his recent match against Dillian Whyte, fans had expected Joshua to face a higher-ranked heavyweight.

In an interview with IFL TV, Joshua shared his plans for the year, stating: “It won’t be hard to find an opponent to fight me, [Tyson Fury] or [Deontay] Wilder [in 2023]. Both of them will be a good night and a hard night’s work.

But yeah, 2023 is [Fury] or Deontay Wilder – or potentially both”.

A Drive to Win

Despite the recent losses, Joshua remains confident in his abilities and future in the ring. He mentioned, "In my heart, no [it’s not over].

But if you listen to what [Fury] says, it’s up and down. But I’m sure he’ll fight me. I don’t think his dad will let him not fight me. His dad’s a proper guy, I like his dad. So yeah." Taking on Jermaine Franklin serves as a stepping stone for Joshua to regain his confidence and prepare for a potential showdown against Wilder in the future.

With his determination and drive to win, fans are eager to see what the future holds for Anthony Joshua in the ring. Eddie Hearn said AJ will be finished if he loses in his next fight. "You go into that fight in April – you know that with defeat, it’s all over, really.

It would be a third back-to-back defeat," Hearn told iFL TV. "This is the most excited I have been on AJ's journey so far because it is exciting. A great performance and a showreel knockout gets everyone saying, ‘We’re back, we’re back baby.’ That’s what I can’t wait for, because I love it when our backs are against the wall. They are the best moments and this is one of those moments."

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