Deontay Wilder confirmed the fourth match against Tyson Fury

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Deontay Wilder confirmed the fourth match against Tyson Fury
Deontay Wilder confirmed the fourth match against Tyson Fury (Provided by Financial World)

It has been confirmed by Deontay Wilder that the fourth fight between him and Tyson Fury is very close to taking place. It is also likely that Wilder will consider other options he has in mind in the near future. Currently, the boxing scene is going through a very strange period, and the two main actors are Fury and Usyk.

“These fights are coming around. that [fourth Tyson Fury fight] won’t be too short either,” Wilder told 78SportsTV. “The Usyk fight, all that stuff, it’s coming around. Everything is coming around like it’s supposed to.

That’s why we’re lining everything up and doing what we have to do. I think this year and next year are going to be amazing. I only have a short time left, and then I’m out of here. When I’m gone, I’m gone”.


In spite of working with many organizations and wanting to have big matches, Wilder still maintains good relations with the PBC and is ready to cooperate with them as well. It's well known that PBC has some big names on its roster, and he has confirmed that he is still a part of the PBC roster.

“I have no problem with PBC. We’re still thriving, we’re strong, and I think PBC still has some of the best fighters out there. I don’t have nothing against PBC, we’re still working together as far as I know of.

Me and Al Haymon still communicate, ain’t no bad blood against none of us. I’m still part of PBC, still looking to do fights on PBC. I’m just an open agent, I’m an open fighter. I want to fight on all types of platforms.

I’m willing to work with anyone in the business”. A lot is expected from Wilder, given that we know what a quality boxer he is.

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