Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis: The clash of the undefeated

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Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis: The clash of the undefeated
Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis: The clash of the undefeated

The much awaited match up of Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis is finally confirmed; the fight will take place on 22nd April in Las Vegas, the exact venue is not confirmed yet. Their undefeated fighting resume makes it an exciting match for fans all around the world; Ryan Garcia’s boxing record is 23-0 (19 knockouts) and 28-0 (26 knockouts) for Gervonta Davis.

So, somebody’s 0 has got to go.

The fighters will be fighting at 136 pounds, and there’s a rematch clause if Gervonta Davis loses to Ryan Garcia. If the opposite happens, gervonta davis will not be obligated to fight a rematch.

It’s a 12-round match, and gervonta davis is dominatingly the betting favorite for this spectacular boxing venture. Ryan Garcia has proved himself on multiple occasions with his speed and prominent skillset, but this undeniably is his toughest test, a win from here is a significant promotion for him in the boxing world.

Gervonta Davis fought recently in January and showcased a tremendous performance with a vicious 8th round TKO. Ryan Garcia last fought in July 2022 and was equally impressive with the knockout and his overall boxing performance.

Ryan Garcia has a crucial height and reach advanatge over Gervonta davis. It’s a massive match, from the pay-per-view numbers to the scale of the event.

What to expect from this fight between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis Both the fighters can be entitled as knockout specialists, so it’s very unlikely to see this match end without a knockout.

The only question is how long will the fight go on for. Gervonta Davis has a lot more to lose than Ryan Garcia; however, if either one losses, it will change the outlook for their consistent career. It’s going to be a very competitive knock, and it is definitely a super entertainer for all the diehard boxing fans.

Apart from skill and experience, this fight will break down to willpower; the one who wants it more will win. (Photo: Bol News)

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