Is Oleksandr Usyks vs Tyson Fury ever happening?

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Is Oleksandr Usyks vs Tyson Fury ever happening?
Is Oleksandr Usyks vs Tyson Fury ever happening? (Provided by Financial World)

The much anticipated boxing matchup between Oleksandr Usyks and Tyson fury may end up not happening due to Fury not accepting the financial negotiations and demanding a hefty fortune that seems very unreasonable to Oleksander Usyks's team.

Uskys already has a potential opponent, and if the Tyson fury match does not take place, Oleksandr will be ready to move on with other matches. Tyson Fury was given generous offers from the Usyks team; some of them included: a 50-50 split between the winner and later also agreed to split the share into 60/40, but the fury family still denied the offer and bargained for more.

Due to these reasons, Usyks and his team have somewhat moved on and have found a new opponent, who is better known as Daniel' Dinamite' Dubois; this fighter has a fascinating record of 19-1, of which 18 were knockouts. Most people may not know this fighter, but he can turn out to be a tough test for the Ukrainian fighter and is most certainly an interesting matchup.

Usyks vs Fury was aimed for 29th April

Frank warren fury's promoter said that the negotiations wouldn't go past this week as the time is running out. This means that chances are high that this match won't take place, and Oleksandr's team believe that this is Tyson fury's way of escaping from the event or else he wouldn't make these many excuses.

Here's what frank warren said about the Fury vs Usyks : "We're still none the wiser… You need the agreement of both boxers to make it happen and at the moment we haven't got that… I have a pot and can only pay what's in it.

If it's not enough money, then it won't happen." [@talkSPORT] This is the fight all boxing fans were desperately waiting for, and to their dismay, it seems like the match won't take place, and Oleksandr usyks may end up fighting Daniel Dubois.

At some point in their careers, they are bound to clash; the only question is when. (Image source: talkSPORT)

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