Misfits 006: JMX vs Le'Veon bell

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Misfits 006: JMX vs Le'Veon bell
Misfits 006: JMX vs Le'Veon bell (Provided by Financial World)

The former American football Le'Veon Bell will be fighting against the YouTuber JMX; it is a very exciting matchup that the fans are going to love to see. These back to back events are turning out to be immensely successful for Misfits boxing as it is unstoppably attracting more and more eyes to the sport.

The fight card is not announced yet but it most likely will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Most YouTubers and athletes that were into different sports are all joining boxing due to unending reasons, but it all breaks down to a "Big Pay Day".

From the fan's viewpoint, the crossover is beyond exciting and fulfils every missing area of entertainment. It will be very interesting to see the undercard. The event will secure massive success if a team tag boxing match is guaranteed.

Misfits 006 is set to take place on the 21st of April

The next event of misfits boxing is set for April 21st in New Orleans, USA. So far, only the main event has been announced; the fights on the undercard shall be announced in the next few days.

Most of the fans loved the historic boxing tag team match in Misfits 005, and the chances are high for this new form of boxing to continue in the misfits 006. Misfits boxing has a cracked a way to keep their fans engaged and entertained, the events are frequent, and the matchups have turned out to be very exciting for the audience.

When is KSI expected to fight next?

KSI is most likely to compete in May, as he announced in one of his tweets, and according to a few interviews, his potential opponent is Joe Fournier, who's boxing record is 9-1 (Ko'd all his opponents).

Here's exactly what KSI tweeted:" May 13th, I'll do what Jake Paul couldn't do." It means that he will be fighting a professional boxer and come out victorious, something that jake paul failed to do against his last opponent, Tommy fury.

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