Gilberto Ramirez vs Gabe Rosado: a tough test for Rosado

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Gilberto Ramirez vs Gabe Rosado: a tough test for Rosado

Gabe rosado's unrelenting efforts have gotten him to a big stage like this one, where he will be fighting Ramirez, who has a fantastic boxing record (44-1-0), of which 30 were knockouts. This is going to be Gabriel rosado's first appearance in the light heavyweight division; the switch to 175 pounds makes this match very interesting, as all fans were shocked when it was first announced.

In a recent interview on Dazn boxing, Rosado said: "There's middleweights that punch harder than light heavyweights. I'm sure I've fought plenty of middleweights that punched harder than light heavyweights." This confirms that he is not fearful of the knockout potential that Gilberto Ramirez possesses.

Rosado is on a 3 match losing streak

As far as experience is concerned, both fighters have fought many opponents and can assuredly be entitled as experienced boxers. Rosado has had more losses in his career and has been on a losing streak since 2021.

It is a great opportunity for Rosado to get redemption for the bitter losses; his boxing skills will be thoroughly tested. On the flip side, Gilberto Ramirez came off his first loss against Dmitry Bivol, which put a dent in his clean record of 44-0-0, which interrupted his smooth momentum.

This fight against Rosado is an opportunity for him to avenge his loss and show the world that one loss won't define his career. A win for Rosado would be a much desired promotion for him in the boxing world; he will progress further to fight other well-known fighters.

And if Ramirez captures a victory, it would also open doors of redemption where he can potentially have a rematch against bivol. The fight is just a week away, and there's a lot of excitement built around this event, aimed for 12 rounds; both fighters have different things to prove, and it will surely be a fun match to watch.

The fight card is stacked, and the co-main event will be a competitive knock between Joseph "Jo Jo" Diaz and Mercito Gesta.