Kingpyn boxing tournament: Aneson Gib vs Austin Mcbroom rematch confirmed

The intense rivalry shall be witnessed by the fans once again on 22nd April.

by Aryan Lakhani
Kingpyn boxing tournament: Aneson Gib vs Austin Mcbroom rematch confirmed

The eight-man tournament starts on April 22nd in OVO arena London, which is the quarter-final. Aneson gib and Austin McBroom are set for a rematch, and they will be fighting on the 22nd. Other influencers that were announced to fight were King Kenny, Whindersson Nunes, Deji, Jarvis, and Zeneti.

An exciting event, 8 matches, 1 winner. Winners from the first 4 matches will qualify to the semifinal. The winner of the kingpyn boxing tournament may end up fighting KSI, as he tweeted: "I'll happily fight the tournament winner on Misfits".

KSI has a date in his mind as he mentioned that he would fight the winner of the kingpyn boxing tournament on August 26th under the misfits 010 event. The second match or the semifinals will take place on June 3rd, and the grand final is fixed for August 5th.

Austin Mcbroom and Aneson Gib face off at the press conference

"But I took an IV to get out there to fight you" said Austin McBroom to which gib replied, "You cheated". The intense rivalry between the two is something that fans love to see, and GIB's outstanding performance in the first match against mcbroom showed the boxing world that he can cause some serious damage.

Mcbroom was brutally knocked out by gib. Mcbroom blames his loss on Covid, but now he has the opportunity to avenge the bitter loss and rewrite his future; he had one thing to say to gib: "You will not get lucky this time".

Most fans on Twitter think that Austin will get embarrassed again; it will be very interesting to see how Austin retaliates. A loss from here is not something he would entertain. What to expect in the rematch A convincing win is all Austin Mcbroom would be aiming for; he has the striking abilities; he just needs to ensure that he does not get outplayed as he did in his previous match.

Whereas gib would be looking to continue to move seamlessly in the boxing world, and winning consistently will secure a spot at the top of influencer boxing. As far as the match is concerned, It can go till the last round, or fans may witness a vicious knockout again. (Image source: Kingpyn)