José Benavidez Sr: Canelo Alvarez is done as a fighter

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José Benavidez Sr: Canelo Alvarez is done as a fighter

José Benavidez Sr believes that his son has no need to fight Canelo Alvarez, who Benavidez Sr clearly does not think highly of. His target should be Dmitry Bivol. “I consider him [Canelo], with all due respect, done as a fighter,” Jose Benavidez Sr told IZQUIERDAZO as quoted by “He is worn out.

First, we saw him with a knee injury, and now he injured his hand. Now, we can see that Canelo is starting to drink. He is beginning to enjoy life. But he has all the right to do that because he has been a very disciplined fighter.

He has many businesses now and is not focused 100% on boxing. Now, he is playing golf, which requires time and dedication. I think Canelo should stay at golf and start a career there. I have heard that he is very good at golf.

There is no age limit to play that sport”.

Benavidez talks about Alvarez

Apparently, Benavidez believes that Canelo has become a 'worn out' fighter and that he needs to focus more on other opponents, in order for him to compete successfully.

Considering the fact that Alvarez was against the fight involving his son, Benavidez seems to be particularly angry. There are a few things that have changed in the last couple of years “Canelo has given everything he could against elite opposition.

Now he only has to look for fighters like Ryder or Berlanga. He is no longer at the level to challenge elite rivals. But he is in a position to fight enemies that don’t threaten him. He used to say that David Benavidez didn’t bring anything to the table for him, that David Benavidez didn’t deserve the fight, that David hasn’t fought anybody.

But just tell me, with whom did Yildirim fight? Against whom did Ryder fight?”

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