Viddal Riley aims to fight against Tommy fury

Viddal Riley calls out Tommy fury on his new YouTube video

by Aryan Lakhani
Viddal Riley aims to fight against Tommy fury

After Tommy fury’s victory, he has been proposed to fight by numerous names; one name that is worth highlighting is Viddal Riley, a professional boxer who has been KSI’s boxing coach on multiple occasions. Viddal Riley has called out Tommy fury earlier, but the matchup was dismissed.

Very recently, Viddal riley called out Tommy fury to fight in the ring. Both the fighters have a clean undefeated record in the world of boxing. Tommy fury’s boxing record is 9-0 (4 KO’s) and 8-0 (5 KO’s) for Viddal Riley.

Since both aspire to be world champions, it can expected to see them fight in the boxing ring at some point in the future. If the fight ever happens, it is likely to take place in the cruiserweight division.

Tommy fury vs Viddal riley: A potential matchup

Viddal Riley recently uploaded a Youtube video, My message to Tommy Fury.

“I am ranked number 40, Tommy is actually ranked 38" said Riley on his new YouTube video”. I’ve seen him say in multiple interviews, my goal is to be a world champion” Riley said about tommy fury. “He preaches that he wants to be a world champion, I am not currently world championship quality I have the potential to be and I will get there but as it stands I am not so if you have aspirations of being a world champion as do I we are close in ranking it would be a massive fight”.

Riley further expressed. So it seems like his intentions are to fight Tommy in the distant future. In his new YouTube video, he also claims that Tommy fury never responded to his offer to fight ”I have mentioned his name multiple times and I have never heard a response which can be for only one reason”.

The chances of Tommy fury fighting a rematch with Jake Paul are very high, and it could happen any time before the end of 2023. It would be interesting to see if Tommy and viddal ever fight in the boxing ring. (Image source: BoxingScene)

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