Callum Walsh vs Wesley tucker: A dominating victory for the young Irish fighter

Dominating performance by the young Irish boxer who outperformed in every area

by Aryan Lakhani
Callum Walsh vs Wesley tucker: A dominating victory for the young Irish fighter

The sport of boxing is unpredictable; anything can happen – all boxing fans witnessed this after watching Callum Walsh knocking out Wesley tucker; it was a destructive interaction where Callum wash threw some deadly punches that ended up doing the job.

The arena was packed with 3,256 people attending the main event of the Hollywood fight night in Boston. Callum Walsh was not expected to win in such a dominating way, mainly because he hasn’t competed as much as Wesley tucker.

6-0 (5 KO’s) is Walsh’s professional record, and Tucker has a record of 15-5 (9 KO’s). It was total domination from the undefeated junior middleweight fighter as he was throwing lethal combinations that restricted the match to stop at 2:59, round two.

Wesley tucker did land a punch, but it wasn’t significant enough to stop Callum Walsh’s dominant performance.

Callum Walsh shines with an explosive display of skills

This significant victory will open new doors for the junior fighter, and he will get to face tougher opponents to prove his skills and determination to the sport of boxing.

With the knockout potential that the young Irish fighter possesses, he can shine and make his name in this sport. Irish fans will be waiting for callum walsh’s return; it would be interesting to see who he fights next and If he can continue to outperform his opponents.

Whereas Wesley tucker will be reflecting on the areas to improve while also aiming to bounce back stronger for his next return. The fact that he was 14-0 in his career once shouldn’t go unnoticed. A 3 match losing streak flipped the undefeated record, but he will have many more opportunities to prove himself.

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(Image source: Lina Baker/ 360 promotions)