Mike Tyson on the reasons why Tyson Fury will dominate for a long time

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Mike Tyson on the reasons why Tyson Fury will dominate for a long time

The match between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury attracts everyone's attention. Fans debate a lot about who could win, and most give Fury the advantage. Mike Tyson also believes that Fury will dominate, given that he is fitter than Joshua.

“I never think anybody’s too small. I think Tyson’s not going to do what Anthony Joshua [did]. But I think he’s just going to go out and put a lot of pressure on him”. - he said, as quoted by worldboxingnews.com Mike Tyson believes that Fury's dominance will last for a long time.

“I respect Deontay Wilder and Usyk with the most respect I possess. Tyson Fury is the champ, the reigning champ. He will be the champ for a long time if he chooses to be – unless we get some new guy up”. Tyson also commented on whether there is anyone who can dethrone Fury: “Mr.

[Joe] Joyce is a tough, durable guy. He’s not going to do it. Nobody around us can do it yet”.

Frank Warren talks about the match

Promoter Frank Warren is convinced that it will be easy to come to an agreement regarding this match.

“I’m telling you, this fight will be on. I’ve said this from the beginning; we’ll get this fight over the line. We’ve been working hard to do it and will get it over the line. Both fighters want it.

It’s not a question of Usyk wanting it and Tyson not wanting it. Tyson wants the fight. He’s the one that put it out there and said, ‘come on, let’s get it on. Here are the terms.' ” Warren sees no reason why the fight that has been talked about for several months should not happen.

“It’s only when the contract’s signed. That’ll be the final contract. They’re both in training, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t go on [for April 29]”.

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