Tony Bellew shocked by Oleksandr Usyk's move

"Fury's style has changed in the last few years, completely changed"

by Sead Dedovic
Tony Bellew shocked by Oleksandr Usyk's move

Tyson Fury doesn't seem to want a fight against Oleksandr Usyk. There is no doubt that this is the case, as evidenced by Fury's constant demands regarding the fight with Usyk as a confirmation. Fury doesn't give up on his demands in spite of the fact that the fans are impatient and want this story to finally come to an end.

Tony Bellew, a former opponent of Usyk, who obviously still has respect for the Ukrainian, believes that Oleksandr should not have agreed to the demands that Fury made. As a result, the Ukrainian is such a person that money and other factors do not have such an important influence in his life.

Basically, what he wants most in the world of boxing is a fight with Tyson Fury and a confirmation that he actually is the best in the world. "I feel for Oleksandr, I really do. How are you having three belts in one division and then you are bowing down and selling yourself short? He has answered his questions and he is doing it, so fair play to him.

If this fight doesn’t happen, it is only down to one man, isn’t it? I keep hearing that he wants to fight Francis Ngannou, I’m not surprised he wants to fight Francis Ngannou, because Francis Ngannou has never been in a boxing ring before.

Just fight Oleksandr Usyk, mate. Put boxing first. 60/40 would have been fair, do you think a 70/30 is fair when you have got three belts and the other man has got one? Has that happened in the history of boxing before, like that? He is the lead name, but 70/30, he’s taking the p**s.

If I was him [Usyk] I wouldn’t bend to that, but it is what it is and you have just got to get on with it”. -Bellew told Talk Sport.

Tony Bellew gives his prediction

Due to the fact that Fury's style has altered over the past few years, Bellew believes that Usyk will have the advantage in this match.

It will be interesting to see if he will apply the same strategy in the match against Usyka or if he will surprise everyone by doing the opposite. "Fury's style has changed in the last few years, completely changed. He's no longer a big, awkward, hard-to-reach fighter and uses that to his advantage.

He is now an aggressive counter who looks to harm the opponent as effectively as possible. The change of style is in Usyk's favor and I pick Usyk as the favorite to win.' ', said Bellew.

Oleksandr Usyk