Alistair Overeem's Return to Glory Marred by Doping Scandal


Alistair Overeem's Return to Glory Marred by Doping Scandal
Alistair Overeem's Return to Glory Marred by Doping Scandal

Last year, Alistair Overeem made a triumphant return to kickboxing after a ten-year absence from the ring. However, his victory over Badr Hari was short-lived as news of a doping scandal soon emerged.

Positive Test Results

Overeem tested positive for a banned substance, the details of which have not been disclosed by GLORY officials.

The positive test result resulted in a one-year suspension from the organization, with the following statement released: "Alistair Overeem has been removed from the GLORY rankings and his fight against Badr Hari is ruled a “No Contest” due to a violation of GLORY’s anti-doping rules.

His suspension is for 12 months, starting at his last fight – COLLISION 4. And he must return a percentage of his wages."

Punishments Meted Out

In addition to the suspension, Overeem faced other consequences for his positive test result.

He was removed from GLORY's official rankings, his victory over Hari was overturned as a no contest, and he will have to return a portion of his earnings from the match. The exact amount has not been disclosed.

A Troubling History

This is not the first time Overeem has failed a doping test, and the scandal has once again linked his name to the concept of performance-enhancing drugs.

He suffered a major setback in the UFC after a previous failed test and the introduction of USADA. Despite this, it seems he thought that GLORY would overlook his actions due to his popularity.

The Future of Overeem in GLORY

With his victory against Hari overturned, a one-year suspension, and already being 42 years old, it remains to be seen if Overeem will ever step into the GLORY ring again.

Phil De Fries recently challenged him to a match at the "Colloseum 2" show in KSW, but so far, there has been no response. Alistair Overeem's return to kickboxing was marred by a doping scandal that resulted in a one-year suspension from GLORY and other consequences. Despite his popularity, his history of failed doping tests raises questions about his future in the sport.