Glyn Rhodes, a boxing trainer speaks on the importance of mental health

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Glyn Rhodes, a boxing trainer speaks on the importance of mental health
Glyn Rhodes, a boxing trainer speaks on the importance of mental health (Provided by Financial World)

In this modern world, there are countless health issues to tackle, but one in specific that is affecting everyone in some way or another is problems related to mental health. Sometimes it is not easy to fight against the haymaker's life throws at people, and Glyn Rhodes, a well-experienced boxing trainer, speaks about it with greater depth and personal experience.

Scott Westgarth was a professional boxer who had a record of 7-2-1(2 KO's). He was trained under Glyn Rhodes. He last fought a match in 2018 against Dec Spellman, he was the underdog, and no one expected him to win, yet he emerged victoriously, but shockingly, moments after the fight ended, his legs were wobbly, and he collapsed in his dressing room.

He suffered from blood clot problems in his brain, and that was the main reason behind his death.

Scott Westgarth's death deeply affected Glyn Rhodes

Due to not being expressive enough, Glyn Rhodes suffered through a dark phase with his mental health.

He really emphasizes opening up and speaking about deeply hidden problems. "It doesn't make you any less of a person, or any less of a boxer, knowing that you've spoke to somebody - your trainer or just someone in the gym. That's the message I want to give out.

" Said, Glyn Rhodes. Glyn Rhodes shares his own experience and what it was like to go through a dark phase "I just wanted to take my brain out of my head for a day and put it on the side. In my head it was like an LP going round and round and getting stuck in the same place.

And that's what it was like 24/7. Even though I was going to the gym and functioning, when I got home at night that's when I was struggling, and people didn't know. You never know what's going on inside someone's head."

Scott westgarth donated all his organs before dying

Rhodes also said, "Scott didn't obviously officially die until, you know, he kept me in the hospital, he donated all his organs which saved a lot of people's lives which was an unbelievable thing to do".

Such was the man Scott Westgarth who had the audacity to be selfless in the last few moments of his life. (Image source: Action Images/Andrew Boyers)