Deontay wilder aims to return back into the boxing ring

Deontay wilder hopes to make his return soon.

by Aryan Lakhani
Deontay wilder aims to return back into the boxing ring

Deontay wilder has had a fascinating career with fluctuating highs and lows, he has only lost to one opponent, and that's the gypsy king Tyson fury. He is known for his vicious knockout power and dominating striking abilities; the bronze bomber never fails to put on a performance for his fans.

Recently, Deontay wilder showed his interest in making a return. "I have been enjoying family, life, and all that it brings, but now it's time to return to the ring. " said wilder in his recent Instagram post. The bronze bomber last fought a couple of months ago against Robert Helenius, and after successively losing against Tyson fury, he finally broke the 2 match losing streak with a knockout.

Tyson fury vs Oleksandr usyk is happening next month; it would be exciting to know if usyk ever decides to fight Deontay wilder.

Francis Ngannou showed his interest in fighting Deontay wilder

Deontay wilder has not officially announced an opponent yet, but it could be anyone, and the chances of seeing Francis Ngannou vs Deontay wilder are high because both the teams from the fighter's side seem to be negotiating a deal.

It is a potential match-up that can break the internet and captivate a large audience. It would also promise to fulfil Francis nnganou's quest of getting the biggest big pay of his life. There have also been discussions about Deontay wilder fighting Dillian Whyte, the boxer has a well-maintained record of 29-3(19 KO's), and it would be interesting to see the two square off in the ring.

One thing is certain that fans will see Deontay wilder more frequently in the future as he has many potential matches lined up. If Deontay "Bronze bomber" wilder competes the way he did in his previous match, it would be fair to say that the fans can expect him to fight one more time for the title shot and possibly fight against Tyson fury to avenge his bitter losses. (Image source: Boxing Social)

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