Jorge Masvidal dismisses the idea of fighting Jake Paul

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Jorge Masvidal dismisses the idea of fighting Jake Paul
Jorge Masvidal dismisses the idea of fighting Jake Paul (Provided by Financial World)

The MMA and boxing crossover started with Conor Mcgregor and Floyd Mayweather, and Jake Paul played a significant role in increasing its frequency. He first started by calling out Ben Askren, and the controversial 1st round Knockout gained him more popularity in the MMA world, and he got called out by many fighters.

Interestingly, Jorge Masvidal helped Jake Paul prepare for his fight against Ben Askren. But the cordialness flipped once Masvidal supported Tyron Woodley over Jake Paul. When Jake Paul saw Masvidal speak against him, he did not hold back his animosity towards him, and both of them ended up going back and forth on social media.

Jake Paul then called out Masvidal to fight in the boxing ring, but due to commitment to the UFC contract, Masvidal could not fight him. It was a potential matchup, but after Jake's loss against Tommy fury, he doesn't seem to be so interested.

Jorge Masvidal on fighting Jake Paul

"Right now there's nobody that I could really think of to call out," said Masvidal on MMA Junkie Radio, as quoted by "But they already burst that bubble just because I always thought it would be a great fight for me, and that I could knock him out and make a lot of easy money while doing it, would have been Jake Paul.

But that ship has sailed now that he lost that 0. Maybe he comes back and gets a couple of wins and stuff, but that's probably the only dude because he's easy money. "I don't think I was going to generate a huge pay-per-view sell with him because he doesn't bring those types of pay-per-views.

But me being involved in boxing, who knows? Maybe I could have done well for myself and gotten some good pay-per-views." It all breaks down to a big payday; this has been one of the main reasons behind MMA fighters switching to boxing.

As far as entertainment is concerned, fans all around the world enjoy such events and will always continue to do so. (Image source: SportsManor)

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