Jessie vargas speaks about KSI's boxing performance

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Jessie vargas speaks about KSI's boxing performance
Jessie vargas speaks about KSI's boxing performance (Provided by Financial World)

Many famous athletes have had a lot to say about the evolution of YouTube boxing and boxers. Some comments were supportive, and some were thoroughly discouraging. Jessie Vargas, the former boxing world champion, doesn't really appreciate KSI's boxing skills and had a lot to say about it.

On multiple occasions, he expressed what he truly thought about KSI and his impact in the boxing world. After sharing his own opinion, he was criticized by many "Apparently, I'm getting a lot of criticism because I stated in a comment that KSI, the YouTuber, does not know how to train properly and could really get hurt," Vargas said as quoted by

Jessie vargas believes that KSI can't even throw a proper punch

"I stand by it, and I'll tell you why. KSI does not know how to throw a proper punch; there's no technique behind it. And I think this gentleman, this kid, could really get hurt being in the sport of boxing because he's not doing it correctly; he doesn't have a proper trainer".

"It's very noticeable because of the way he's throwing his punches, because of his technique, and I don't want to see anybody get hurt, especially not in this sport, which I admire and respect so much. And I think other YouTubers need to take this sport seriously; this isn't a game, and if you're going to do it, do it right" said Vargas via Twitter.

Very interestingly, he had the opposite to say for Jake Paul "I do respect Jake Paul because he's really invested the time to learn the sport". It is understandable for the former champion to address that he respects jake paul because, unlike many YouTubers, jake aspires to be a world champion and never stops challenging himself.

Most would argue that Jessie Vargas is wrong, but looking at it from the right perspective, some of the things he said do make sense. But no one can deny the fact that from the entertainment aspect, these YouTubers have made the sport far more entertaining and attracted a large audience to the sport that was once unknown to many. (Image source: talksport)