Jose Aldo may fight Floyd Mayweather in a boxing exhibition match

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Jose Aldo may fight Floyd Mayweather in a boxing exhibition match
Jose Aldo may fight Floyd Mayweather in a boxing exhibition match

One of the best MMA x boxing crossovers is in the making and could potentially take place anytime this year. Jose Aldo speaks about fighting Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in Saudi Arabia in the distant future. The former UFC featherweight champion moved to the world of boxing and recently made his debut on 10th February.

He won the match and now has a boxing record of 1-0. Aldo will be fighting his second boxing match on 4th April against Jeremy Stephens – who he faced previously in the MMA world. The two last squared off in 2018, where Aldo won via knockout in the first round.

Jose Aldo on the potential match against Floyd Mayweather

Recently in a news conference, Jose Aldo addressed details of fighting Floyd Mayweather and claimed that they are in the negotiating stage. “Yeah, we’ve been negotiating that fight for a good while,” Aldo said through his translator, as quoted by

Jose Aldo believes that the fight could potentially take place in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “Floyd already knows about the fight. I first need to think about my fight this Saturday, and then I can see what’s going to happen.

But yeah, we’ve been in negotiations for a long time, and that fight could go down in Saudi Arabia". “So yeah, it’s all true. We’re going to do the work on Saturday, and after that, we’ll sit down again with everyone to book the fight”.

It is quite interesting to see MMA stars switch to boxing; day by day, it is getting a lot more common, which shows the impact of frustration with unfair fighter pay. However, from the entertainment aspect, all fans enjoy such uncommon mix-ups, so it’s very healthy for the sport of boxing and the fighters.

If Mayweather and Aldo do end up fighting in the ring, it will be one of the best matches ever witnessed. (Photo credit: Imago)

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