Anthony Joshua on his relationship with Rob McCracken

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Anthony Joshua on his relationship with Rob McCracken
Anthony Joshua on his relationship with Rob McCracken (Provided by Financial World)

Rob McCracken was Anthony Joshua's trainer for 10 years. However, almost a year ago, Joshua decided to end the adventure with his trainer and find a new one. At the press conference before the match with Jermaine Franklin, Joshua revealed whether he still has contact with McCracken.

The breakup with the coach was very difficult for him. Joshua spent many years with him after all, and there are many memories and great moments behind them. However, he knew he had to change some things. “I haven’t spoken to McCracken, unfortunately,” Joshua said, as quoted by “You know, that whole breakup – not breakup, but that whole like [situation], yeah, it was tough.

It was tough because I’ve got a lotta respect for these guys. But at the same time, it’s like I always say my friends are my family as well. When I’m at war and I’m fighting, I can’t always be the guy maintaining relationships as well.

And yeah, some people haven’t even reached out to me as well."

Rob McCracken and Anthony Joshua

Although we will never know all that happened behind the 'curtain,' Joshua has a lot of respect for McCracken and the others who were with him during his best moments.

After his career, Joshua plans to sit down with them and discuss everything. “But I know when I’m done boxing, I can then go and sit down and spend time [with them]. … But yeah, I respect them. Other people from other places, like Virgil Hunter, I went to see Virgil Hunter.

We talked. And Ronnie Shields. They’re still cool and all that … But Rob, we haven’t really had too much dialogue. Rob’s always been like that. He’s a busy man”. Anthony will have a difficult task tonight, given that he is facing a quality opponent.

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