Gervonta Davis reveals the details of the conversation with Floyd Mayweather


Gervonta Davis reveals the details of the conversation with Floyd Mayweather

Gervonta Davis scored a KO win vs. Ryan Garcia. Davis had an interesting conversation with the legendary Floyd Mayweather before the match. After the victory, Davis spoke about his conversation with Floyd Mayweather and revealed what they discussed.

Floyd's experience and advice are good for everyone. ‘He gave me great words, he was telling me to stay calm. I always like to listen to Floyd when it comes to big stages like this because he’s the only one who has been in my shoes and been in these type of fights.'

- he said, as quoted by METRO. Davis emphasized that such people around him are necessary. Mayweather is a man who stood by him, who wishes him well, and David recognized that a long time ago. ‘So I always try to close to Floyd when stuff like this happens just to keep me humble and have me on the right right.

I always appreciate Floyd for being in my corner, having my back, always, there’ll always be love for Floyd Mayweather.’ Reporters have mentioned many names as his next opponents, but Davis is not thinking about it at the moment.

‘We’ve just got to go back to the drawing board to see what’s the best decision for my career.’

Gervonta Davis and his goals

Davis answered a reporter's question if he was thinking about going to another category; ‘Not right now.

I’m just going back to the drawing board with my team, we’ll sit down and make a decision as a team. I can’t say right now because I just fought. I’m going to try to rest and hopefully we come up with a good game plan in the next couple of months and get it on again.’ His current goal is to enjoy the moment and rest from everything. After a while, we should find out what the next challenge is.'

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