Rolando Romero wants a rematch with Gervonta Davis


Rolando Romero wants a rematch with Gervonta Davis

Roland Romero has had a fantastic boxing career and was a fierce undefeated fighter until he fought Gervonta Davis, who snatched his ’0’ by knocking him out. Romero now has a professional boxing record of 14-1 (12 knockouts).

After facing his first ever loss against Gervonta Davis, he now looks forward to redemption. In their last confrontation, Roland Romero was totally outplayed by Gervonta Davis, and if they ever end up having a rematch, it will be very interesting to see the changes Romero makes.

Roland Romero on Gervonta Davis

Recently in an interview with Fight Hype, Romero spoke about Gervonta Davis expressively and explained how he looks forward to a rematch with him. He believes he’s very good at promoting an event.

“Gervonta Davis is the face of boxing. He earned it. “I already fought him [Gervonta], and I’d like to fight him again,” Romero said as quoted by “but it’s a different mindset now.

His highest-selling fight by far was me up until Ryan. Ain’t nobody a better s**t talker in boxing than me? “Ain’t nobody can promote a fight like me. Ain’t nobody. I singlehandedly carried a whole promotion on my back.

My back still hurts from that. I ain’t going to lie. Tank was actually the one promoting the fight with him and Ryan. “Tank was actually the last one that was promoting the last fight with him and Ryan. Tank did a good job promoting it.

He actually tried. But when it was me, I singlehandedly did that s**t. That s**t was hard, but I did it, and I had a good time, too”. Roland Romero is set to fight against Ismael Barroso, 24-2-1(22 Knockouts), who has a lot of experience and a high knockout rate.

Barroso is on a 3 match win streak, and it will be interesting to see if he can continue to extend it on the 13th of May. (Photo credit: Esther Lin)

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