Roland Romero looks forward to fighting Ryan Garcia

Roland Romero could potentially fight Ryan Garcia after fighting Ismael Barroso tomorrow night.

by Aryan Lakhani
Roland Romero looks forward to fighting Ryan Garcia

The super lightweight division will have a new champion tomorrow, as Roland Romero and Ismael Barroso are set to fight for the vacant WBA world super-light belt. A truly intriguing matchup where one will rise, and one will fall.

Barroso is more experienced and has fought more than Romero but seldom does experience play a deciding factor in winning a match. Tomorrow’s match will break down to skill and will, Romero has a high knockout rate, and from the 14 opponents he faced, he was successful in knocking out 12.

Roland Romero and Ryan Garcia share one thing in common and their bitter loss to the same opponent: Gervonta Davis.

Roland Romero on potential match with Ryan Garcia

In a recent press conference, Roland Romero talks about fighting Ryan Garcia and acknowledges the scalability of the event.

“There’s definitely the Ryan Garcia fight,” Romero said, as quoted by “I mean, I think everybody’s asking for me versus Ryan right now, especially at 140. You know, we’re both at 140 now.

And I think that’s the fight. You know, I think that’s a massive fight and, you know, boxing needs that fight, you know? It has a long buildup – a long, long buildup”. Man, 140 is a boring-a** division,” Romero further said. “We’re gonna make this sh*t poppin’.

We’re gonna turn it into a pay-per-view division and we’re gonna make it the most fun in boxing”. If Roland Romero wins tomorrow night, he will be the new WBA superlight world champion, and it would be quite a step up for Garcia to face Romero, especially after his first-ever career defeat.

The matchup makes sense, and it will be very interesting to see if it ends up happening in the distant future. Even if Romero losses tomorrow night, a fight with Ryan Garcia will remain to be a strong possibility. However, Garcia could also fight Ismael Barroso – anything can happen in the world of boxing.

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