Jeff Mayweather believes Gervonta Davis vs Shakur Stevenson is the best matchup

Jeff Mayweather talks about Gervonta Davis and thinks he should fight Shakur Stevenson.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jeff Mayweather believes Gervonta Davis vs Shakur Stevenson is the best matchup

Gervonta Davis has achieved success in the boxing world like no other; he has one of the highest knock rates and makes all his fights look very easy. Isaac Cruz and German Ivan Meraz are the only two boxers who have gone the distance with Gervonta Davis; the rest either got knocked out, or the referee was forced to stop the fight.

After his recent Victory against Ryan Garcia, all fans and boxing enthusiasts are wondering who is next for tank. Jeff Mayweather believes a match with Shakur Stevenson can turn out to be competitive and also names a few more opponents for Gervonta Davis.

Who knows, if Shakur Stevenson ends up beating Ismael Barroso in violent fashion, he could grab Gervonta Davis’s attention for a potential match in the distant future.

Jeff Mayweather on fighting Gervonta Davis

Jeff Mayweather spoke about this in great detail to Fight Hype and analyzed a possible match between Gervonta Davis and Shakur Stevenson.

“You got a Shakur fight, a Devin fight, a Teofimo fight; you got Josh Taylor and a lot of guys that are still out there. The best fight for me is probably him and Shakur” Jeff Mayweather said, as quoted by

That’s a fight where you’re going to be sitting in your seat, and you’re going to be entertained every second of that fight, and nobody knows how that fight is going to end”. He favors tank to be the winner.

“Shakur is a great boxer, but it only takes Tank one punch, and if Tank catches him, no matter how great he is, he’ll probably go out too. That’s the one thing with Tank. Tank is a one-punch knockout artist, and basically, his IQ is extremely, extremely high.

People don’t give him credit because of his knockout ratio, but the thing is, anyone that steps in the ring with him has a chance of not going in the same way they came out. That being flat on their back".

Gervonta Davis