Oleksandr Usyk believes match with Tyson Fury will happen "Sooner or later"

Oleksandr Usyk may fight Tyson Fury before the end of 2023.

by Aryan Lakhani
Oleksandr Usyk believes match with Tyson Fury will happen "Sooner or later"

The heavyweight battle between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury is aimed to happen by the end of 2023; however, the negotiations are still ongoing, and nothing concrete has been disclosed so far. It takes a long time to make these types of mega events happen; even the slightest sign of disagreement from either side can collapse the possibility of the event, as we witnessed in March.

Tyson Fury's demands have been quite unreasonable, and this was one of the main reasons behind the fight not taking place in April; he must come up with terms that fulfil both parties as that will easily prevent the cancellation of crucial matches.

Oleksandr Uysk on the Tyson Fury match

Recently in an interview with vringe.com, Uysk speaks about the potential fight with Tyson Fury and mentions the factors that will play a deciding role in confirming the event. Moreover, he thinks that Tyson Fury is afraid of a loss.

“I can’t say anything about the fight with Tyson Fury yet”, Usyk said as quoted by vringe.com. “at the moment the fight is not planned, since the negotiations, let’s say, are at an impasse. For Fury, boxing is not only a sport, but also a show.

And there is another factor - money. He talks about them all the time and voices some incredible amounts that he wants to receive for the fight. I believe that all his loud statements are the intensity of passions. Without it, nowhere.

So what is he afraid of? He is a professional athlete. And even if he loses, he will take his own". He further said. “It's no secret that fees are prescribed for both parties. If he wants to draw intrigue, he has the right, but no one will run after him or make concessions.

The fight will take place sooner or later. And everything will be decided in the ring”. Uysk talks about Fury as person. A big man who has very good abilities in boxing and in life ... but this big man is very afraid of losing”.

Oleksandr Usyk Tyson Fury