Cecilia Braekhus pulls out last minute from the title fight

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Cecilia Braekhus pulls out last minute from the title fight
Cecilia Braekhus pulls out last minute from the title fight (Provided by Financial World)

Cecilia Braekhus won’t be a part of the mega event happening tonight as she was forced to pull out of the fight due to flu symptoms. She was supposed to fight Terri Harper, and it was a match for the WBA super-welterweight belt.

The match was scheduled to happen in the undercard of Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron. Cecilia Braekhus should look forward to recovering soon and making a return whenever she’s healthy enough. She is 41 years old and has a professional record of 37-2; her only losses came up against the same opponent Jessica McCaskill.

Cecilia Braekhus and Terri Harper faced off yesterday

Both the fighters showed up for the Weigh-ins yesterday and seemed to be completely fine, which makes it very surprising for Braekhus to pull out of such an important event last minute.

Terri Harper is on a 2 match winning streak, and it will be very interesting to see who she ends up fighting next. The young Terri Harper will have to look for a new opponent to fight in the subsequent days. It must be shocking for her to comprehend such disappointing news.

Harper has a professional record of 13-1-1; her only loss came against Alycia Baumgardner back in 2021. Fans looking forward to this event shouldn’t be too disheartened as the main event and other matches in the undercard promise to be super-entertaining.

The undercard starts at 6 pm, and fans can expect the main event to start at around 10-10:30 pm local time. This is Katie Taylor’s first match in her homeland; she will be looking forward to savouring every moment and be focused on becoming the double-weight champion of the world.

The action will begin in less than 3 hours. Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron had a decent face off yesterday, and tonight one will fall, and one will rise; in less than a few hours, we will find out who remains to be the undisputed fighter of the world.