Devin Haney's victory puts the entire boxing world in doubt

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Devin Haney's victory puts the entire boxing world in doubt
Devin Haney's victory puts the entire boxing world in doubt (Provided by Financial World)

Devin Haney secured a controversial victory against Vasiliy Lomachenko in the much-awaited lightweight clash. Most fans and boxing experts believe that Lomachenko was the clear winner as he dominated most of the rounds. It was a very disappointing moment for Lomachenko; he broke down after hearing the results of the event.

David Haney won via unanimous decision, defended his belts and will continue to be the undisputed lightweight champion of the world. After his recent performance, his official record is updated to 30-0 (15 knockouts).

Lomachenko's manager will appeal against the decision

Vasiliy Lomachenko's manager is absolutely against the decision, and he looks forward to getting the results overturned.

Immediately after the match, in the post-fight press conference, he addressed the following: "The biggest robbery in the daylight. Haney's team got Christmas in the summer," Egis Klimas said as quoted by "We're going to appeal this decision.

Those judges, they do not understand how the boxers are working hard. I guarantee we're not going to let that go. We want to show there has to be justice". Devin Haney vs Vasiliy Lomachenko 2 will happen at some point in the future, as this match will always be referred to as 'robbery'

Mostly everyone who watched the match live is convinced that Lomachenko was supposed to be announced as the winner. It will be very interesting to see who the two decide to fight next. Shakur Stevenson was there in the arena, and he, too, declares Lomachenko as the clear winner.

Boxing fans can expect Shakur Stevenson and Devin Haney to square off in the near future. "Lomachenko won. I had it 8-4 Lomachenko," Stevenson said, as quoted by "He [Haney] said something and then ran out of the ring in some weird stuff.

I know Dev. He's tougher than that. He should have stayed there and faced the music. He further said. "8-4 Lomachenko. Nah, I thought it was a robbery, because Lomachenko won".