Chantelle Cameron puts a full stop to Katie Taylor's undefeated career

Chantelle Cameron emerges victoriously in the highly-anticipated match against Katie Taylor.

by Aryan Lakhani
Chantelle Cameron puts a full stop to Katie Taylor's undefeated career

The boxing world witnessed one of the best women's boxing matches in the history of the sport. Chantelle Cameron becomes the first successful fighter to beat Katie Taylor and snatch the '0' out of her well-maintained boxing record.

Both fighters had their moments of dominance in the span of 10 rounds, but Cameron outplayed Katie Taylor in every department from the very first round. It was an explosive display of performance; Taylor and Cameron showcased some excellent striking and persevered with unrelenting effort.

Chantelle Cameron won the match via majority decision. It must have been very disheartening for Katie Taylor to face her first-ever career defeat in her homeland. The chances are high for both of them to run it back, and a rematch can be expected to take place soon.

Chantelle Cameron's reaction to her victory

Chantelle Cameron is pleased with the victory, and this is undeniably one of the greatest achievements of her career. She does not mind having a rematch and speaks about it in the post-match interview.

"It was a close fight," Cameron said, as quoted by "Katie's a great fighter, pound-for-pound best woman boxer there is, and I turned up for the occasion". "I think my work rate. I'm always fit. My work rate is something I'm always confident in.

I was good at working the inside". Taylor's going to want the rematch cause she will want to put this fight to bed and get the win. But, it's going to be on my terms now". The big question to ask is, who's next for Katie Taylor? There is a wide list of options available for her, she could have the rematch against Amanda Serrano, and perhaps the winner of that match could face Chantelle Cameron.

If not, she could directly jump into a rematch with Cameron. Katie Taylor's next fight will be very interesting to see, as a comeback is always greater than a setback.