Joseph Parker annihilates Faiga Opelu with a brutal knockout

Joseph Parker knocks out Faiga Opelu in the very first round.

by Aryan Lakhani
Joseph Parker annihilates Faiga Opelu with a brutal knockout

Boxing fans worldwide witnessed an explosive display of striking during the heated match between Joseph Parker and Faiga Opelu. The heavyweight clash was brief yet very entertaining, as Joseph Parker knocked out Faiga Opelu in the very first round.

The fight took place at the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Two heavy strikes from Parker were enough to get the job done, Opelu did try to persist, but the referee thought he had enough and stopped the match.

This spectacular performance updates Joseph Parker's professional record to 32-3 (22 Knockouts), and Faiga Opelu has one more loss added to his record, which is now updated to 15-4-2 (11 Knockouts).

Tyson Fury was also present in the arena

Interestingly Tyson Fury was also present in the arena; he came to cheer Joseph Parker and seemed to be pleased with his performance.

Tyson Fury's return is much awaited, and he looks forward to making a return soon; the entire boxing world is waiting keenly waiting to find out The Gypsy King's next opponent. After Parker's gutting loss against Joe Joyce, he has finally brought back his winning momentum, as he is now on a 2 match-winning streak.

If Joseph Parker continues to secure back-to-back victories, he can rightfully demand a rematch against Joe Joyce and even Anthony Joshua. As far as Faiga Opelu is concerned, he has a lot to learn from this match, and by reflecting on what went wrong, he can definitely bounce back with a great comeback.

He has been on and off with winning; a few consistent victories can bring him to a respectable position. Fans want Joseph Parker to compete against opponents from the top tier; perhaps after 1-2 matches, we can expect Parker to fight well-known opponents who are competitively skilled.

Unquestionably, it will be very interesting to see who he decides to fight next. Momentum plays a pivotal role in one's career, and Parker is strengthening it.