Joe Fournier reacts to his match against KSI

Joe Fournier reflects on KSI's performance and talks about his potential matches against Tommy Fury and Jake Paul.

by Aryan Lakhani
Joe Fournier reacts to his match against KSI

A few weeks back, the world of YouTube boxing witnessed one of the most exciting matches that, in less than 3 rounds, turned out to be KSI's most disappointing moment in the ring. Initially, KSI was declared the winner as he was successful in knocking out Joe Fournier in the second round, but to KSI's disappointment, the knockout came via an illegal elbow shot which had the results overturned to a no-contest.

KSI is clear about his next opponent, and it is none other than the undefeated Tommy Fury; after the match got over, KSI and Tommy Fury had an intense face off that in no time led to a heated physical exchange.

Joe Fournier's thoughts on KSI

Recently in an interview with Daily Mail Sport, Joe Fournier reflected on his match against KSI and described how he is as an opponent and further predicted KSI's potential match against Tommy Fury and Jake Paul.

"We thought he'd be very strong, but he turned out not to be that strong at all,". Fournier said, as quoted by "He doesn't punch hard". He was very fast; he's way faster than a lot of professional boxers I've been in with.

He actually has tremendous speed, but he has no punch power. He hit me with a bowling ball right hand with 10 ounce gloves on. I should've been looking up at the sky". Joe Fournier's prediction for KSI's potential matches against Tommy Fury and Jake Paul: No, he can't win that fight - Tommy Fury beats him all day long, Fury is a real boxer.

People talk about Love Island and might take the p*ss out of him, but I think Jake Paul is better than KSI – and Tommy beat Jake Paul!". Joe Fournier really wants the rematch, but KSI does not seem to be interested.

Regardless of the elbow shot, KSI was convincingly more dominant in every department, and it will be very interesting to see how soon he ends up fighting Tommy Fury.

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