KSI reacts to Salt Papi’s first-ever career defeat

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KSI reacts to Salt Papi’s first-ever career defeat
KSI reacts to Salt Papi’s first-ever career defeat

Salt Papi was looked at as a dangerous opponent after his jaw-dropping knockout victories; however, his recent encounter with Anthony Taylor somewhat flipped his impression. Anthony Taylor was a heavy underdog, no one expected him to win, and mostly everyone questioned his skills as a boxer based on his previous performances.

Some fans and boxing experts blame Salt Papi’s loss on the number of rounds; the match was scheduled for three rounds because Salt Papi didn’t agree to fight for more than three rounds. To everyone’s shock, Anthony Taylor fought brilliantly and dominated every round.

Salt Papi was constrained by Anthony Taylor’s haymakers, and even if the match was scheduled for longer rounds, Taylor would have still emerged victoriously.

KSI’s reaction to Salt Papi vs Anthony Taylor

Recently on The MMA Hour, the undefeated influencer boxer KSI spoke about the highly anticipated match between Salt Papi vs Anthony Taylor.

He shares his thoughts on the outcome of the event, and just like most people, he believes lesser rounds led to Salt Papi losing. “First of all, he messed up by doing three rounds,” KSI said, as quoted by mmafighting.com.

“That was his choice. “Three rounds favored Anthony Taylor, so I didn’t really understand why he wanted to do three rounds. Because for him, especially [against] Anthony Taylor, like, all [Taylor] needed to do is just do his tactic and make it rough and dirty for three rounds, and then he’s out and it’s easy.

However, he couldn’t do that with a long period of time, with several rounds”. “I think the tactics were wrong as well from Salt Papi,” KSI further said: “All Anthony Taylor did was cross over.

He just crossed his legs and then came through with a punch and then clinched. It’s like an MMA move, and he just kept doing it, and Salt Papi wasn’t able to get his timing off. And by the time Salt Papi was maybe getting close, it was too late because it was round three. So again, that messed up with the whole timing”.