Katie Taylor is laser-focused on the rematch against Chantelle Cameron

Katie Taylor does not want to retire anytime soon and is only looking forward to the rematch.

by Aryan Lakhani
Katie Taylor is laser-focused on the rematch against Chantelle Cameron

Katie Taylor cannot be entitled as an undefeated fighter anymore, as she recently faced her first ever loss against the highly talented Chantelle Cameron. The historic match last weekend was nothing less than super-entertaining.

Both fighters gave their all, but Cameron had a better grip since round one and was successful in putting Katie Taylor under pressure. The bitter taste of defeat will haunt Katie Taylor until she gets an opportunity to prove herself again.

Nothing except the rematch matters to her, she is focused, and Chantelle Cameron has also agreed to give her the rematch. Recently Katie Taylor revealed that the rematch is being aimed for November this year.

Katie Taylor's thoughts on the rematch

In an interview with RTE, Katie Taylor speaks about the potential rematch and mentions that she has already started training again.

After the loss, fans have been asking if Katie Taylor will retire, and in the interview, Taylor talks about retirement and explains how she is far from that stage. "I don't even know what retirement means," Taylor said, as quoted by boxing247.com. "I definitely don't feel like it's time for me to retire.

It will happen one day in the future, but now my sights are set on securing a rematch with Chantelle". "I take it fight by fight and year by year, but right now I'm not going to end my career like that. I'm excited to step back in there and perform.

This is my passion and I'm so grateful to be doing it every day. She further said: "I haven't looked back on the fight yet. I think the right person won. I have to take the loss and move on from it. I'm just excited to get back to America to start training again for the rematch.

"That's the only fight that matters to me now, the rematch with Chantelle Cameron. I think we're looking at a November date".