Oscar De La Hoya will be presenting 4 new opponents to Ryan Garcia

Oscar De La Hoya will be discussing about the 3-4 shortlisted opponents Ryan Garcia's team for his next fight.

by Aryan Lakhani
Oscar De La Hoya will be presenting 4 new opponents to Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia is expected to make a return in August, and Oscar De La Hoya, the founder of Golden Boy Promotions, will be sending a list of 3-4 prospective opponents to Ryan Garcia’s management team for his next fight.

Ryan Garcia will be fighting at 140, and he may most likely fight against one of the top contenders from the same division. After facing the first loss in his career, Garcia has the opportunity to reflect deeply on his performance, identify his weak areas and make adjustments that can solidify him as a great fighter.

Oscar De La Hoya on Ryan Garcia’s next fight

After Garcia’s recent loss, he has been called out by many opponents, Rolly Romero showed great interest in fighting Ryan Garcia next, and it will be very interesting to see if the match between the two ends up happening in the near-future.

“There are three or four opponents that we’re going to submit to him,” De La Hoya said, as quoted by boxingnews24.com. “So we’re going to submit three or four opponents, and then we’ll take it from there”.

“We’re talking about the top names at 140; we’re talking about contenders. Keep in mind it’ll be his first fight fighting at 140”. He further said: So you have to get him a top 10, top 5 fighter to establish with a name, obviously.

Ryan Garcia is the one selling the show and selling the tickets, so we’ll make sure we get a good opponent”. The details on the shortlisted fighters could be shared publicly in the upcoming week. Ryan Garcia can get a rematch against Gervonta Davis if he outplays every opponent he faces from now.

A few dominating victories can definitely increase Garcia’s chances of getting a rematch. Oscar De La Hoya plans on making the fight happen at 140 – a territory Ryan Garcia has never entered before. We will soon find out if 140 is the ideal weight for Ryan Garcia or not.

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