Josh Taylor believes he will easily win against Teofimo Lopez

Josh Taylor explains why he thinks he will win against Teofimo Lopez.

by Aryan Lakhani
Josh Taylor believes he will easily win against Teofimo Lopez

The upcoming mega boxing event is less than a few weeks away, and the excitement levels are pretty high. The whole world is waiting to see if Teofimo Lopez can play a disruptive role in defeating the undefeated Josh Taylor.

This is a must win for Teofimo Lopez; by winning, he will have a higher chance of getting an opportunity to avenge his bitter loss against George Kambosos Jr. Josh Taylor has been a part of such crunch matches in the past, so mentally he shouldn’t be too affected.

It will be very interesting to see how differently he performs against Teofimo Lopez. Both fighters competed last in 2022 and will soon exchange words in the upcoming press conference and weigh ins.

Josh Taylor on fighting Teofimo Lopez

Recently in an interview with Fight Hype, Josh Taylor explained how he’s prepared for the match on 10th June.

It looks like he’s very confident of securing a victory, and he promises to make Lopez experience something he has never experienced before. “It’s got fireworks written all over it”. Taylor said, as quoted by “He may come out and try to box and move and be slick but if he does that then that’s great, that’s perfect for me.

But if he comes out and tries to have a go and tries to knock me out, even better because he leaves himself wide open. I’ll knock him out if he tries to have a firefight. So it’s gonna be great either way it goes.

I’m completely confident in getting the win”. He further said: “I’m not too fussy about what he’s got. I’m not worried about what he has, I don’t think he’s going to have anything that I’ve never dealt with before.

So I’m not worried about what he’s got but I’m pretty sure he’s gonna have a big surprise when he gets in the ring with me”.