Regis Prograis confident of securing a win against Devin Haney

Regis Prograis believe he can easily win against Devin Haney at 140.

by Aryan Lakhani
Regis Prograis confident of securing a win against Devin Haney

The super lightweight fighter Regis Prograis is set to fight against Danielito Zorrila on the 17th of June; it is a tough contest and undeniably a thrilling match. Prograis fights at 140 pounds and believes that Devin Haney stands no chance of surviving in a match with him.

Regis Prograis has a professional record of 28-1, his only loss came against Josh Taylor, and it will be interesting to see if they ever have a rematch.

Regis Prograis shares his thoughts on Devin Haney

Recently in an interview with MillCity Boxing, Regis Prograis describes Devin Haney’s abilities as a boxer and analyzes his next moves in the boxing scene.

Prograis Believes he can easily win against Devin Haney at 140, especially after watching his recent match against Vasiliy Lomachenko. “I think he’s in a tough spot right now,” Prograis said, as quoted by “You can stay down there [135], and you can mess with Shakur.

You know Shakur is going to beat him. Everyone knows he can’t mess with Shakur, or you come up to 140 with the killers, and he’s in a tough spot right now”. He further said: “He might go after Rolly [at light welterweight], but that’s it,” Prograis believes haney stands no chance against fighters at 140.“The title holders, me, Subriel Matias, and Josh Taylor.

I think he gets stopped by all three of us”. “If he fought me like he fought Loma, I stop him,” Prograis is not pleased with Haney’s recent performance. Those left hands and jabs that he was getting hit with.

Loma is a 126-130-pounder. Prograis believes he can win against Haney and agrees with the majority of the crowd who believe Lomachenko won the fight: “I’ve been at 140 my whole career. Him [Haney] coming up, I stop him.

I would hurt him real bad. He’s a good boxer, but he doesn’t have the power to keep me off. Loma won the fight, but it wasn’t the robbery like people say. It was a close fight. I still thought Loma [should have been given the victory by the judges]. If Haney wasn’t the champion, Loma deserved to win that fight".