Vasyl Lomechenko believes he won’t get the rematch against Devin Haney

Vasyl Lomechenko unsure of having a rematch with Devin Haney, he believes Haney is scared of him.

by Aryan Lakhani
Vasyl Lomechenko believes he won’t get the rematch against Devin Haney

The boxing world witnessed one of the greatest upsets in the history of the sport; majority of the people who watched the match believe that Vasyl Lomachenko clearly won the match fair and square against the undefeated Devin Haney.

It is undeniably very unfortunate for Lomachenko, who worked so hard, dominated and still ended up on the losing page. The doubts need to be cleared, and the world deserves to see a rematch between the two. However, Lomachenko is unsure of this and believes that Devin Haney won’t give him the rematch because Haney wouldn’t want to see himself lose again.

Vasyl Lomechenko on his match against Devin Haney

Recently in an interview with ES News, Vasyl Lomachenko spoke about the controversial loss and explained why Devin Haney won’t ever give him a rematch. He closely watched the match and is certain that he is the winner, due to which he is not worried about his legacy and believes if someone needs a rematch, it’s Devin Haney.

“I watched a repeat of this fight, and my score was 8-4,” said Lomachenko, as quoted by “My score was subjective, but real score is close to 7-5. “It’s not going to happen because he’s scared.

He understands that he lost the fight”. It will be nearly impossible for Devin Haney to escape the criticism, and there’s only one way to convince the crowd, and that’s by arranging the rematch as soon as possible.

“It’ll never happen because now he [Haney] understands his level. Now I think he’ll go up to 140lbs and fight just regular boxers”. He further said: “This rematch needs to happen for him, not to me because I sleep very good because I understand.

You need to be a strong man inside. If you’re a strong man inside, you need to organize a rematch, but I think it’s never going to happen. Lomachenko was expected to be announced the winner but to his surprise the judges were agaisnt him:“I was waiting for the announcer to say my name ‘and ‘the new,’ but it didn’t happen.