Claressa Shields secured a dominating victory against Maricela Cornejo

Claressa Shields won against Maricela Cornejo via unanimous decision.

by Aryan Lakhani
Claressa Shields secured a dominating victory against Maricela Cornejo

The recent women's boxing match was a one-sided display of domination in favour of Claressa Shields, who ruthlessly outplayed her opponent Maricela Cornejo till the last round and claimed a unanimous decision victory. Claressa Shields remains to be undefeated, and after yesterday's performance, she has updated her professional record to 14-0 (2 Knockouts).

Claressa Shields was very explosive; however, Maricela Cornejo should get credit for persisting with the nasty haymakers Shields kept throwing at her. It was an applaud-worthy effort, and it will be great to see Shields fight again.

Maricela Cornejo will reflect on her performance and strengthen her weaknesses, she showed toughness, and even though she was outplayed, she didn't give up till the last round.

Claressa Shields thoughts on the victory

Claressa Shields is pleased with her victory and acknowledges her opponent's fighting style and persistence.

She further reveals that she could make a return very soon. Claressa Shield's ring walk was entertaining to watch, and it got the entire arena hyped up; all her fans will be looking forward to her next fight. "I felt great. I was landing my shots.

I won every round like I knew I could," Shields said, as quoted by "I pressed for the knockout I don't know how many times". Maricela was just tough and had a good right hand herself, and was very smart and sturdy when I started hitting her, and knew how to survive.

She did a great job". Claressa Shields is open to fighting the winner of Franchon Crews-Dezurn and Savannah Marshall; here's what she said: "I'm only interested in the best. I'll be looking at that fight and see whoever wins.

If they want to come meet me here at Little Caesars (Arena), I'm down for it". This match was originally meant to be between Claressa Shields and Hanna Gabriel, but she was removed from the card because of testing positive for a banned substance.