Eddie Hearn nearly called Dana White to discuss Canelo vs Conor McGregor

Eddie Hearn reveals that he almost made an attempt to discuss Canelo vs Conor McGregor with Dana White.

by Aryan Lakhani
Eddie Hearn nearly called Dana White to discuss Canelo vs Conor McGregor

Eddie Hearn immediately dismissed the Idea of Jake Paul vs Canelo when the problem child shared his aspiration to beat the world champion. However, Eddie Hearn reacted very differently when Conor McGregor said he would fight Canelo.

McGregor is 0-1 in boxing, yet Hearn has no issues with it. As far as business is concerned, money wins; Eddie Hearn recognizes the money-making potential of such a massive event, and based on that, he refuses to rule out such a possibility.

Conor McGregor fought well against arguably one of the greatest boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr. The event sold a historic figure of 4.3 million pay-per-view buys and generated $600 million dollars in revenue.

Eddie Hearn almost called Dana White

Recently in an interview with Boxing Social, Eddie Hearn revealed that he almost called Dana White to initiate a discussion for the massive crossover.

He acknowledges the large scalability of the event and believes it can happen at some point in the future. "I nearly reached out to Eddy Reynoso and Saul [Canelo] about it and [UFC President] Dana White," Hearn said, as quoted by boxingscene.com.

"Listen if the money's there. I nearly messaged Dana, maybe I will after this interview. I mean they've done Floyd against McGregor, they saw how big that was. With Saul, you've got that whole Hispanic fanbase, you've got McGregor's fanbase.

I mean it's massive, but who knows". Conor McGregor could shock the world; anything can happen in the sport of boxing; it would be quite unfair to believe that it's one-sided domination favouring Canelo. McGregor is confident about beating Canelo.

Here's what he said recently: "Canelo you little ginger sausage. I'd beat you with NO HANDS. Don't forget". The outcome of the match does not really matter, as most would believe Canelo would splatter Conor McGregor in the ring.

An exhibition bout would make sense and from the entertainment standpoint; the fans would be thrilled to see the trash talk and heated face-offs.

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