Gervonta Davis uncovers the name of his potential opponent

Gervonta Davis reveals who he wants to fight next.

by Aryan Lakhani
Gervonta Davis uncovers the name of his potential opponent

Gervonta Davis walked his talk by proving the boxing world with actions and not just words; his gloves did the talking. Gervonta Davis left a permanent dent in Ryan Garcia’s prestigious career by being the first person to beat him in a boxing match.

After the massive victory, fans all around the world had one question for Tank: who’s next? Gervonta Davis recently revealed who wants to fight next and refers to it as a “dream fight”. It is none other than Naoya Inoue, the undefeated Japanese fighter.

Inoue has a professional record of 24-0 (21 knockouts).

Gervonta Davis on fighting Naoya Inoue

As for now, Gervonta Davis is imprisoned for 2 months since he did not obey to follow the rules for the 90 days house detention.

He has been charged with a hit-and-run case; the incident took place back in 2020. Tank revealed who he wants to fight next in a short interview with FightHubTv; perhaps after his sentence is over, he could get back to fighting and take action for his dream fight.

“I like – who’s the guy from Japan? Inoue? Yeah,” Davis said, as quoted by “That would be a fun fight and it would be technical. But I think I would be too big for him. But it would be like a dream fight – I like that fight”.

A match between Gervonta Davis and Naoya Inoue will undeniably be an exciting spectacle for fans worldwide, and we will find out in a few months if the match happens in the near future. The Japanese fighter is set to clash against Stephen Fulton Jr on 25th July, and it will be very interesting to see the outcome of the event.

Fulton has a professional record of 21-0 (8 Knockouts), and this is undeniably one of the toughest tests of his career and a win from here can play a pivotal role for him to cement his name as the king of the division.

Gervonta Davis